Sailboat, Wind, Light

I woke with my socks still on, rocking gently in my berth. The light was low enough that it wasn’t painful and I could hear the clanking of the sheets against the aluminum mast.

Glancing at the clock I notice how late it is. I pop out of bed to take advantage of the light while it’s still available. Standing up, my stomach growls at me. How long have I been asleep? What day is it? I rub the sand from my eyes and don’t bother putting on any clothes.

Stepping out on deck I take a look around. Nothing but the horizon in all directions. The main sail is torn and dragging in the water off the starboard rail. The dingy is gone, along with a chest of emergency equipment I had strapped to the bow.

Taking a deep breath I gently remind myself that what’s done is done, and forunately I’m still here.

Going back under, I flip on a lamp. Everything is strewn about and the contents of the fridge lay in all corners of the boat.

A can of beans rolls along the floor and bumps against my foot. Picking it up, I find a sharp edge to puncture it open. Tipping the can into my mouth I attempt to recall the event.

They warned me that this passage was dangerous at this time of year, but the call of a challenge and more likely my thick-headedness motivated a prove-them-wrong attitude. Hell, the weather was optimal for my heading. Straight out of the west, I was going to ride these trade winds home!

Must have been that small squall up north. I reckoned I gave it plenty of berth, dropping lattitude like I did, but it caught up to me while I slept.

Chills of the memory trickled down my back. Oh yeah, I woke when the boat nearly heeled over to dump me out! I must have been sailing that storm for three straight days!

I laugh at myself - maybe in pity.

Finishing the can, the sun is just one finger on the horizon. Going under to the nav table, the equipment has no power.

Note to self: check solar cell.

Leaning back, I reach into a locker and pull out a thick case. It opens just like the day I bought it.

I was graciously invited to join some writers at a social writing meetup earlier. We followed the Ray Bradbury method where we quickly jotted down 10 nouns, selected 3 that stuck out to us, and then wrote on one of them for thirty minutes. (I misunderstood and thought I had to write with all three, whoops!) This is the unedited, raw, original writing that came out of the session. I recieved some good feedback about some of the decisions and writing style of this peice. They are internalized and will help with future writing. Also, this gave me an opportunity to write with my new fountain pen. This was fun, I’d like to do it again. Writer’s Coffee Social

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