Final Project Description

I’m taking a course through Southwestern College called Hypertext Markup Language Programming, and this website is being built for the purpose of satisfying the final project requirements.

According to the final project specs given to us to build our site, the following items are required.

  1. There must be 5 or more pages for the site maintaining a common theme.
  2. There must be a homepage as the default entry page.
  3. At least three pages on your site must be accessible from the default page.
  4. There must be at least 3 links to external pages on the internet.
  5. There should be at least one table.
  6. There should be at least one form.
  7. There must be an external CSS style sheet. The theme across the site should be consistent.
  8. Submit the website in a zipped folder along with the external document provided in the instructions filled out.
  9. Cite all sources.

I’ve pulled in a few outside resources like Font Awesome and the Jekyll CSS Framework for some responsive classes to sprinkle into the code.

That’s not too bad, hopefully this site works to satisfy all of the requirements for this final project.

EDIT - I scored a perfect grade on this assignment, and since I personally don’t want a website that has all of these requirements, I’ve removed them from the site. It was a cool project and I’ll continue to use and update this site as I feel necessary.

A Wichita Kansas based software developer.