Binaural Audio

I’ve been taking time to close my eyes and attempt to experience the world around me through what I can hear, and it’s been a pretty awesome experience. If you’re in an area that there is a lot a varying activity and texture, the soundscape paints a rather beautiful audio image. You can direct the attention of your ears in certain directions, single out sounds, or just listen to the ensemble as a whole. This is a very cool and meditative activity.

I began to wish I could record these sounds exactly as I am experiencing them and it turns out that I am not alone. This type of recording is called Binaural and there are many different microphones on the market capable of mimicking the human head to record in the manner that we hear. All that is required is to listen on a set of headphones in stereo.

After a little bit of research, you find a ton of different projects around this idea of Binaural audio, all interesting in their own ways. Search ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) and watch some of the videos with headphones, they’re really interesting, albiet somewhat creepy at times.

I think there are ton of really cool projects that I could do with a binaural microphone, and I hope to get it going soon.

A Wichita Kansas based software developer.